Welcome aboard!

We are Jyväskylä city based taxi company, which is established in 1989 and family own.
Currently we offer taxi services with two BEV cars, Volkswagen ID.4 and Audi Q4. 4 passengers per car.

Since we are small company we aren’t stand-by 24/7. If you preorder at least 1 day in advance,
we can handle your transportation.

So if you need taxi right away or in same day, call directly our car number 044 078 4071.
We answer telephone when car is on duty.
Otherwise send us email or send message via contact form.

Price list

Here is our maximum price list.
Please don’t hesitate to ask price offer/fixed price for your journey via our contact form!

Weekdays and Saturdays 06:00-18:00

Basic fare

5,00 €

Trip charges

1,25 € / km (1-4pax)

Time charge

0,99 € / min

Other times

Basic fare

8,80 €

Trip charges

1,37 € / km (1-4pax)

Time charge

0,99 € / min

Please note that taximeter calculates both trip and time continually.

Additional charges

Booking in advance 5,50 €
Large/special objects 2,80 €

All prices includes VAT 10%
The driver starts the meter when arriving to your address.

No extra fees when paying with credit/debit card such as Visa or Mastercard.

Fixed rate available

Jyväskylä Airport -> Jyväskylä City central area or vice versa 55 €
(also metered fare is available, approx 50-65 € depending time, traffic and destination).

Contact us

If you need taxi right away or in same day, call directly our car number. Otherwise send us message with contact form.